Staff & Volunteers

David Wilkinson, Executive Director
Having served in leadership positions with pregnancy centers for over 10 years, David brings vision, fundraising, and administrative experience to the organization. As a people-person, David also brings expertise encouraging volunteers, mentoring leaders, and networking with the churches and community.

Wendy Wilkinson, Client Services Manager
With a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Wendy is equipped to counsel clients, and train volunteers to serve as Client Advocates. She brings experience, compassion and warmth to her position every day.

Dr. Sarah Rich, MD is an emergency medicine specialist who also serves as First Step’s Medical Director.

First Step is a volunteer run organization with trained volunteers serving as Client Advocates, receptionists, baby boutique helpers, event planners, and more.

Board of Directors

Kaitlin Rosenberg, President
Adam Robles, Vice-President
Ryan Bartlett, Treasurer
Tamika Piper, Secretary
Sarah Bagley, Member

Advisory Board

Chris Cresci
Dr. Margaret Daly MD
Michelle Kenny, Esq.
Kylie Peterson, Esq.
Rev. Michael Shortsleeves